Baffle Board WG200

Fender Board to protect the walls WG200 width of 200 mm and a thickness of 35 mm is mounted on the wall by means of a continuous aluminum profile with fixing elements with an interval of 50-60 cm protection System with a vinyl coating absorbs shocks thanks to the two rubber inserts and prevents wear and tear of the finish. This model is represented in this range has a maximum thickness of the profile.

Decorative elements offer a modern solution for design.
Profile length is 4 meters, vinyl flooring is produced in 32 different colors.


  • WG001 Plug left
  • WG002 Plug right
  • WG003 Outer corner
  • WG004 Inner corner

Consists of:

  • Vinyl profile 2 mm
  • Aluminum profile
  • Rubber insert TPE
  • Fasteners