Notched the bumper and skirting DC100 DC101

Protection system for walls of hotels, Inns, and resorts

This model, due to its configuration, perfectly integrates into any design hotel, hotels, boarding house and will protect the walls from wear and tear. Comes with all transition components, such as exterior and interior elements, as well as the plugs. And we can offer this series impact-resistant vinyl skirting and corner protection.

Accessories for barrier wall:

  • Vinyl profile 2 mm
  • Aluminum profile
  • The compensating insert PVC
  • Plug left/right
  • Internal/external corner

The parts for the plinth:

  • Vinyl profile 2 mm
  • PVC profile
  • Plug left/right
  • Internal/external corner

Accessories for corner bump:

  • Vinyl profile 2 mm
  • Aluminum profile
  • Plug


  • Assembly is performed in-place, given the layout of the room, the size of accessories and their configuration.
  • Fasten end caps and corner adapters to the aluminium profile with screws.
  • Mount the bump on the wall using a continuous aluminium profile fixing elements with an interval of 600-800 mm.
  • Plug-in shock absorbing rubber insert.
  • Top snap vinyl profile.

Note: In this model, a shock absorbing insert one and has all the elements of the transition such as external and internal angle, as well as the plugs.

Model The length of the profile Profile width The thickness of the profile The number of shock absorbing inserts Plug left Plug right The outer corner Internal catch The number of possible colors
DC 100 4 m 100 mm 20 mm 1 DC016 DC015 DC017 DC018 5 colors*
DC 101 4 m 100 mm 20 mm - DC020 DC019 DC021 DC022 5 colors*
DC 40 3 m 40x40 mm 10 mm - DC023 DC023 - - 5 colors*

* all color palette consists of 32 colors and is available for orders of 300 m. p. of each item