Baffle Board WG200

WG200 the protection System of walls for stationary clinics

Bump WG200 specially designed for hospital departments with high traffic of carts and people. Due to the two rubber inserts and impact resistant vinyl, this model is the most powerful to protect walls and corners. This system the dimensions of all wall bumpers and comes as outer transition elements and the inner that allows you to mount the bumper at the perimeter of the room one single tape.


  • Vinyl profile 2 mm
  • Aluminum profile
  • Rubber insert tha
  • Plug left\right
  • The outer corner
  • Internal angle


Assembly is performed in-place, given the layout of the room, the size of accessories and their configuration.
Fasten end caps and corner adapters to the aluminium profile with screws.
Mount the bump on the wall using a continuous aluminium profile fixing elements with an interval of 600-800mm.
Plug-in shock absorbing rubber insert.
Top snap vinyl profile.

Note: In this model, a shock absorbing insert two.

    Model     The length of the profile Profile width The thickness of the profile The number of shock absorbing inserts Plug left Plug right The outer corner Internal catch The number of possible colors
CR 50 4 m 50 mm 20 mm - WG016 WG016 - - 5 colors*
DC 150 4 m 150 mm 30 mm 1 DC013 DC013 DC014 - 5 colors*
DC 200 4 m 200 mm 30 mm 1 DC001 DC001 DC003 - 5 colors*
WG 100 4 m 100 mm 20 mm 1 WG020 WG020 - - 5 colors*
WG 150 4 m 150 mm 20 mm 2 WG020 WG020 WG014 - 5 colors*
WG 201 4 m 200 mm 20 mm 3 WG030 WG030 - - 5 colors*
WG 200 4 m 200 mm 20 mm 2 WG001 WG002 WG003 WG004 5 colors*

* all color palette consists of 32 colors and is available at the order of 300m.p. each item