Fixed formwork

Fixed formwork is a reinforced shrink joint for concrete floors of warehouses, parking lots and logistics complexes.

The profile of the non-removable formwork is designed for installation along the boundary of the gripping of the concrete floor filling. It is installed and fixed in the concrete preparation immediately before pouring the floor. A special steel edge protects the edge of the plate from chipping under loads and during deformation movements. Also, the installation of the formwork allows you to significantly reduce and compensate for shrinkage movements and cracks. Special anti-shrink plates prevent vertical drawdown of cards relative to each other.


  • warehouses
  • logistics complexes
  • parking lots
  • factories, factories
  • hangars
  • shopping centers
  • any industrial concrete floors on which the movement of warehouse loading equipment is provided


  1. Upper flat steel "Lip"
  2. The lower steel plate (directly the formwork) is from 115 mm to 300 mm high
  3. Anchors poured into concrete D = 10 mm, length 100 mm, pitch 250 mm
  4. The plate for filling is 8 mm thick, and the pad on it is made of ABS plastic
  5. Foot for mounting to the base (optional)
  6. Plate for height calibration (optional)
  7. Plastic bolt for breaking (polyamide) 
Type  length  height recommended depth
SJ 115 3000mm 115mm 115-140mm
SJ 140 3000mm 140mm 140-165mm
SJ 165 3000mm 165mm 165-185mm
SJ 185 3000mm 185mm 185-235mm
SJ 235 3000mm 235mm 265-285mm
SJ 285 3000mm 285mm 285-300mm