Aluminum pavement deformation profile

The aluminium expansion profiles Arfen series A-VE - standaryzowane of expansion profiles for bridges and overpasses.
Can be used on all types of bridges and overpasses with loads НК80 and NC 100, and the deformation displacement -/ 40 mm and -/ 50 mm. Not require an individual project.

Profiles with a length of 2 M. p. made from structural aircraft aluminium, can be of different size V-shaped rubber inserts. Comes complete with all necessary fixings. The profile is quite compact, 100 M. p. profile may be transported by a small truck. The system is assembled by hand, does not require special equipment and tools. Can be used as a repair profile. The system is universal, suitable for all types of bridges and overpasses, regardless of the cross-section of the overpass.

Used in: road bridges, overpasses, viaducts and other infrastructure construction of any structures (reinforced concrete, precast concrete)
Operating principle: installed by collecting a profile manually in place, and zamonolichivanie anchors in slab structures on both sides of the expansion joint. Load directly take the longitudinal load-bearing aluminium profiles. Deformation and waterproofing is ensured by a V-shaped rubber insert.


  • Deformation -/ 40 mm and - / 50 mm
  • Allowable load НК80 and НК100
  • Profile aluminum, doesn't corrode over time
  • Profiles universal fit in most cases, the standard of bridge expansion joints. Can be used as repair.
  • The length of the beam 2 m, solid rubber insert to 25 M. p.