Modular deformation profiles

Steel modular deformation profiles Arfen series VE - strain profiles custom-made for bridges and overpasses medium to large lengths of superstructures.

Can be performed based on several types of supporting profile can have different sizes of the deformation displacement (from -/ 160 to -/ 800mm). Are produced by a set of support beams and rubber expansion joints to the required width and amount of deformation displacements.
To the bearing profile as fastening elements can be welded to the anchor plates, lugs, studs Nelson, and the like. The profile can be equipped with a sine plate to reduce the noise of traffic.
All profiles are custom-made, are fulfilled according to the customer's specifications.

Use: road bridges, overpasses, viaducts, (including marine) and other structures transportation of any complexity and any structures (reinforced concrete, precast concrete, steel, cable-stayed, suspension)
Operating principle: Installed by zamonolichivanie anchors in slab structures on both sides of the expansion joint. Load directly take the longitudinal load-bearing steel profiles, in turn, are based not design guides and expansion joints. Deformation and waterproofing is ensured by a V-shaped rubber inserts, solid throughout its length.


  • Deformation from -/ 160 mm -/ 800 mm
  • Allowable load НК80 and НК100
  • Zinc coating not less than 80 microns in two layers, coated with epoxy paint at least 100 microns in two layers
  • Profiles custom-made for a customer's technical specifications
  • The length of the solid element of the seam up to 12 m