Bump RG80

RG80 security System for Parking lots

Ideal for protection of walls and corners in Parking lots, car parks, factories and office hallways. This system protects corners of walls and columns from the distortion, as well as cars from damage. Bump for lots of this series are made of rubber and comes with double bright inlay, that allows drivers to navigate the narrow spaces of Parking lots to maneuver. And also you can pick a mounted chipper RG150.


  • Rubber profile
  • Insert bright safety colours
  • RG002 Plug


Assembly is performed in-place, given the layout of the room, the size of accessories and their configuration.
Mounted the bumper to the corner fixing elements with an interval of 600-800mm.
Insert signal insert.
Installed plugs.

Note: In this model, the signal insert is not reflective!

The length of the profile Profile width The thickness of the profile Plug left Plug right Bright lights
3 m 80x80 mm 15 mm + + 2 PCs