Tactile floor warning coverage

Tactile flooring TM Arfen is designed to help the blind and people with low vision, to freely move around the streets and public places. Due to the relief pattern «artificial roughness» indicates the direction of movement or warn of its change. Tactile floor signs have a signal color, which further helps people with residual visual acuity to navigate in space stations, airports, metro stations, hospitals, office buildings and on the street.

Ground pointers Arfen made of elastic thermoplastic with the addition of polyurethane that gives them a significant advantage over the tiles with a tactile flooring, as they have a high resistance to wear, do not crack or wear out.

Outdoor tactile coating bright yellow should be located together with a signal covering the «direction of movement» in public areas. Volume figure is made in the form of circles, feed blind people a signal of increased attention. This signal means «stop,» «turn,» «attention, ahead of the escalator», «attention — in front of a moving vehicle» and other important notifications. Due to the convex elements, surface tactile signs easy to read with the help of a cane or contact with the soles of the feet. And people with residual visual acuity may perceive a bright color as a signal message.


  • tile size is 400×400 mm
  • the height of the tile without tactile cover — 4 mm
  • the height of the tactile cover — 5 mm
  • material thermoplastic
  • color — yellow

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