Vinyl panel WG1004

WG1004 system for the protection of the walls in the corridors and operating

Vinyl panels protect the interior from wear and tear. Due to its thickness can be applied in the most narrow spaces, and also due to the antimicrobial additive, is a great protection of the walls in the operating room. This model is equipped with transition elements, such as internal, external, completion and transition strips. Vinyl panels can be equipped with corner protection pads such as CG50B and CG76B.


Vinyl profile 2 mm


  1. Determine the height of the sheet of the wall covering.
  2. If you need trimming of the bumper, use a mounting a saw or a construction knife and a metal ruler(a square).
  3. Make sure the wall is dry and clean.
  4. Remove all the irregularities of a wall for best results.
  5. Before applying the adhesive, wipe both sides of the bump, to make sure that the surface is free of dust and dirt.
  6. Apply glue only to the surface of the walls to distribute adhesive to use a spatula D2 or B3. It is recommended to use contact adhesive water-based (KIILTO EXTRA, DENLAKS TK-580). Consumption 300-350 g of adhesive per 1 m2.
  7. Allow the glue to harden in normal conditions it takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. However, the duration of curing depends on temperature and humidity.
    Important: Read the specification of glue or other adhesives before applying.
  8. Place a sheet of bump on the wall, level and press it in place manually
  9. Roll a strip of fence using pressure roller. Start rolling in the center of the sheet and move to the edges. After the installation, remove excess adhesive.

Note: This model has a complete set of accessories such as internal and external corner transition elements.

The length of the profile Profile width The thickness of the profile The number of shock absorbing inserts Regional profile Connection profile The inner profile External profile The number of possible colors
3 m 1000 mm 2 mm - WG1004-1 WG1004-2 WG1004-3 WG1004-4 under the order*

* all color palette consists of 32 colors and is available for orders of 300 m. p. of each item